I wasn’t sure that the pro GMO side would get a fair shake

I wasn’t sure that the pro GMO side would get a fair shake

Goliath first words to David are, I a dog? That you would come to me with a stick? The stick he is referring to is a shepherd staff for herding sheep, goats and dogs. Why would David carry such a large object with him if he planned to fight with a sling? The sling is small and easily concealed. With no visible long range weapon and David rushing with a stick, Goliath and his orderly would have concluded they were in for a close range contest..

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A few years back I participated in a high profile IntelligenceSquared debate (spoiler alert this is also featured in Food Evolution) where I fielded a range of reasonable, science based questions about GMOs. Going into it, I was apprehensive, as the panel included two speakers with very pronounced anti GMO views. I wasn’t sure that the pro GMO side would get a fair shake, but ultimately, I decided that sharing our cheap celine point of view was well worth the risk.

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There was some speculation Devlin would be named Ontario’s deputy minister of health when the previous deputy minister, Dr. Bob Bell, announced his retirement shortly after the election. Instead, Bell’s replacement is Helen Angus, who has served as deputy minister elsewhere in the provincial government and as a senior executive in healthcare agencies..

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Valet parking is preferable option than paying for a parking garage, and is a much better option than finding a place to park by yourself. Once a valet employee takes your car, your car is in safe hands. Besides, if any damage occurs everything will be covered by the airport service company.

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